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My daily job is as a Industrial Designer at Cannondale, so speaking about obsession, i am living my dream. And my office of course have shitloads of Cannondale stuff. So from time to time i get the chane to get some cool old prototypes and hard-to-find parts, and sometimes someone just find a box of NOS parts.

There are some cool stuff in our office, like lots of old race bikes.....
Thank you so much for sharing. You are definitely in the right place. Feel free to share as much of that good stuff as you are able! I will be watching with interest


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here is 2 of mine the best 2 of 9 cannondale


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Amazing paintwork. The splatter on the f29 is stunning. Is there an in house facility at work to do this ,or is it home job?
I work in a small bike shop in Edinburgh. We do some second hand bikes as well as new. One day I guy came in, had some bikes to sell. A nice 853 Dave Yates tourer, a road bike too. The third bike, was for me, the jewel of the bunch.
An almost as new condition f2000, lefty elo. Original everything, except tyres. Never seen a wet ride, I'd say.
Owner of the shop and the other bikes, didn't know what to do with the dale. So I have inherited it. Caad 5, 2001, alloy elo lefty. The remote lights up, but doesn'tl ock out, which given its age isn't surprising. Under the boot, the bearing surfaces are immaculate. The fork needs service, does hold air but feels rougher than it should.
Does anyone know the way to get hold of the castle tool so can start service work?
My options are sending to new York, but I'm understandably a bit nervous about that.......
Sorry the pic is not great, camera on my phone is a bit damaged 🙄
I'd love to ride it before the summer is over.
Cheers Greig


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Back in the day owning a cannondale was like apple computer owners. Just a little bit different than the others.

Here are mine.


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