Cannondale M800


Dirt Disciple
This is my Cannondale M800 just finished

in the beginning it should be a low budged project wirh black LX components …
But now:

Frame: Cannondale M800 from 91

XTR 900 wheelset with Mavic Ceramic Rims

Shifter/Brake levers XTR 900

XTR 900 front and rear Derailleur

Stem: Controltech

Crank: PBC Topline

Seatpost: Ringle Moby

Seat: Viscount Titanium

Bar: unlnown

Brakes: Dia Compe 987



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Retro Guru
Nice; I’m guessing the anodized dia compe brakes were the purple inspiration, a purple pivot bolt for that derailleur could go quite nicely


Dirt Disciple
Love it! These bikes are fantastic and your high spec build is a beauty. Bet the 1-1/4" Control Tech stem was tough to find.
I've got a polished version myself which is not very stock lots of Syncros and higher end spec, etc, very light. My nephew asked me to keep an eye out for one similar and I really lucked out finding him a very stock version. I put many hours into it, recovered the stock saddle, full matching rattle can re-spray (masked the decals), repainted stem, polished seatpost, etc. I was in nice shape but needed some love. He needed it kept to a smaller budget. Those force 40 units were a bit tricky to setup the first time. Interesting to see the differences between the 91' and 93'
I believe its as 20" and we have the 18" (its quite the jump in size one size up). He's taller than me though so worked out well, check it out:


Dirt Disciple
😍blue pearl Hyper + purple 🥰 nice wheels 🎯
and Frame is original paint...'blue version' M800
2021-09-12 11.22.19 555ad2b4cbdc.png
2021-09-12 11.23.24 5b146b238a25.png

So def:) 92' 👍
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