Cannondale CAAD 5 Ironman 2000 Triathlon Tri Time Trial Bike


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This is a 2002 It is constructed of CAAD5 aero tubing, with an Integrated Aero carbon fork. Excellent overall condition.
Cash on colection only (CH4 0) Chester- North Wales
all serious offers considered
please see photos :

Top Tube Length (Actual): 560mm
Seat Tube Length (Center BB-Top): 650mm
rims wh-r535 16spokes

In the final analysis the Ironman 2000 may be the single best triathlon bike you can buy dollars for performance. It will take you from your first triathlon through your fifth Ironman without having to substitute any components. The bike can save you from spending well over a thousand dollars trying to upgrade a bike you paid just $300 less for. If you understand the true meaning of value- not false economy but real value and savings, as well as buying smart the first time; you will consider the Ironman 2000. If it fits you, it is the closest thing to perfection.
Much of the design process took place at Italy's Pinifarina wind tunnel, where athletes from the Saeco professional cycling team were tested while riding the bikes.

According to Cannondale's Bill Keith, seeing how the rider fits on the bike was a critical part of the design process:

"The key to creating an efficient, optimized bike, is to make sure the rider position is optimized," Keith said in a recent interview. "We tested the bikes using power meters in the wind tunnel with riders on them to make sure we got things right

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The Ironman 2000 offers a CAAD5 Aero frame and an integrated Aero Carbon Si fork with lightweight carbon fiber blades. To shave additional grams, the frame and fork use super-light, sealed Campagnolo "Hiddenset" bearings in place of a standard headset

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