Can anyone identify this bike??

Here's a peek at what it was supposed to look like
Great Colour. Original too 🥰
Patina Vintage. A wee shot/sand blast and dipped in a powder coat should sort it out.
Yeah some folk will buy anything and pay top dollar. In fact theres a good forum for that, where the users spend thousands on tat, it's called RetroBike. hang on :oops:
Don't think I've ever seen one over here in the UK. We have the Chopper, again not my thing. @Frankenorange are you a closet muscle bike fan?

Not much of a muscle bike fan but i like quirky. I prefer this kind to the dragster inspired big wheel-small wheel type and as a nipper i would've loved something like a Sears Spyder. The Chopper is iconic but let us not beat about the bush here, they were bloody awful and dangerous if ridden with gusto.