Camping at the malverns


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Hi guys it appears there's some of us arriving on the Thursday at 3pm so we can camp together,
I would it be Easyer say if we meet up say 2pm at the tesco carpark in Ledbury and we can all go at the same time we can camp together


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Aye you definitely don't want to be in the plebs area for camping, the first night last year some guys came back from the tent after it had all finished and proceeded to fire up their sound system in the landy they came in, blaring out shite full pelt at 2am, wasn't a happy bunny about that at all!!
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I'm undecided on family/quiet or regular. Where is the main retrobike group staying?

Re Tesco meet up. Will depend on progress on the day as it's a canny hike. I'll not add my name to the list for now.