Campagnolo century new/mint parts please C Record


Dirt Disciple
Hi Nick. Thanks for your reply. What are you looking for and against what budget please?

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Dirt Disciple
Hi Nick

I have two full groupsets from 1991 with the exception of one delta brake set (which comes with levers, cables, tools and two paper instruction booklets). I have threaded hubs, the extremely rare 8-speed cassette hubs, both with the correct skewers, Italian and GB headsets and bottom brackets as well as AF and AS front derailleurs, chainsets, 27.2mm and 27.0mm posts and Syncro levers. All parts are NOS NIB with original instructions and almost perfect boxes with the silver sticker advising the Century parts. The majority were bought by me in 2007 as a complete group. This isn’t a collection which has been taken off bikes and put into the wrong boxes, as is so often seen on auction sites.

I have an old NOS PDM Concorde Squadra frame from the 1991 Team which I am planning to build up when I retire so I’m not desperate to sell. I might be prepared to sell some parts from my group missing the deltas but these are still extremely rare. I’d suggest they are some of the best in the world. I do have a stop start conversation going with a collector about his parts but he wants to sell them as a whole and I only need the brakes.

There’s often a big difference between a buyer and a seller’s perception of what these parts are worth. Perhaps if you could suggest some values from the photographs you can see in one of my other threads and we can see if we are in the same ballpark?




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Hi Neil,im Up to speed with the fact century parts carry a premium.Do you want to sell them all or just the group missing the brakes? If so it would be
cranket -what sz?
front rear mech

can you send pm yet?