Call me mad...SPIN re-rim


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Hello all,

I'm relatively new to the forum but I've been steadily building a collection of bits for RTS and LTS builds. Yesterday my mid 30's self was transported back to leafing through MBUK and drooling over bikes of the mid 90's, a set of SPIN wheels arrived bought from this here forum.

The front is great but the rear has a chunk missing from the aluminium rim, the braking surface is well worn as you might expect from such a vintage item but I'm wondering if anyone has ever known of the rim being replaced on a SPIN wheel?

From a quick inspection it seems that the rim is riveted to the main tri-spoke body and from there I can only assume bonded to it, the rivets holding everything in place. Of course this is based purely on guesswork and knowledge of what techniques may have been used back then but I wondered if anyone had any experience of removing and replacing a SPIN rim braking surface section.

I may be mad, I may just leave it as is but I like a challenge and this is one that will bring them back to their former glory. Glory I crave! :LOL:

Any help, info or daft comments much appreciated!

PS I have checked the thread HERE in which @danson67 points out that the firm is still running but their website seems to be suffering from a recent bug with WooCommerce.

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I seem to recall a thread on here discussing replacing a rim on these. Worth trying to find as im pretty sure someone did do it, no idea how successfully though.


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I have e got a cut section somewhere which shows the section, but IIRC, the rims is glued on with double-sided tape and the rivets holding it all in place.

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That would be great to see, good to know the details of how they were attached. If you can find it and send over some photos it would be greatly appreciated. Just got to find a new rim with a comparable profile now.