Brake lever id?


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I bought these on a whim as they looked a bit different. They have no marking at all anywhere to indicate brand but they have a distinctive feature, a black rubber grip on the lever that is attacheched via screws from the rear of it.

I don't expect these to be any holy grail, rare as hens teeth levers, just interested to find out what they are? They seem well made, certainly not feeling or looking budget, but who knows?

One thing I thought they might offer is to be compatible with both cantis and Vs as the pics looked like they had holes for different cable pull with a blanking grommet or whatever like some retro brakes offered, but the 'blank' was an illusion of sorts, though a drilling would sort that. Why it's there I can't quite fathom, what a tease.

Anyway, back to my reasons for posting this.

Any idea on what they are and who made them?

Also, with the cable mount as it is, are they v or canti pull?



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I had a pair of diacomp PC-700 that had that similar shape. probably another brand and slightly different. Mine were from about 1995 and for canti’s