boy"O"boy's 1990 Klein Attitude Dolomite/ Team USA/ Mavic build


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Beautiful machine and would only just pick it over the Pace for a hard blast. 🤩 A trifle dismayed with the lack of Mavic for a 'Mavic build' mind.🤔
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The pictures are confusing me.

The pink looks faded then it does not?

Thanks Jon.
The colour is nightmare to capture accurately on a smart phone. The 1st pics were taken on a cloudy day, and the colours look as they do in the flesh....apart from the fades which the pictures have blurred slightly.

The pics with the RC100 were taken on a sunny day. The phone seems to have bleached the pink.

The true colours are as the 1st pic.

Thanks for all the positive comments on this build. Apologies for not replying to all of them, I'll get round to this at some point and add a build spec.......but good to see there's equal love for the Klein and the RC100.....both were 2nd place Bridesmaid's too in their respective BOTM's

Cheers all.