BoTM BoTM May 2022 nominations - Kona Special, dedicated to the memory of @pipmeister

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Some real ridiculous bikes in here, so I am submitted as a nod to Pip, this was a great idea.

Mortonm's 1996 Kona Hei Hei King Kahuna

1996 was the first model year for the King Kahuna in response to professional riders feeling the standard Hei Hei was not rigid enough.

To combat this Kona employed a 6-4 Ti rear end. 6-4 Ti is fearfully expensive and equally as hard to work with. Though this design achieved their goals, moving forward they would replace the exotic rear end with head tube gussets and ovalised tubing.

There were only approximately 100 made in this configuration in all sizes.

M950 XTR components throughout with a Marzocchi Z2 "atom bomb" fork. Koa racelight titanium handlebar, Syncros seatpost, Controltech stem, titanium flite saddle and race face cranks.



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Not eligible if it’s for sale… The Ninth of the Rules from the Great Book of Rules what was wrote by the Great Ruler… Eddie The Eagle


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