Bontrager Racelite OR prob 1989 can't remember


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View I am banging something hard at the front of the workshop and through the noise a friend says 'what's that?'.
'What's what?'
'That' - pointing to a dust sheet and the dusty wheel sticking out from underneath.
'Oh...that. That's something I will not sell...'
'Because I promised (the RetroGrom) that I wouldn't sell it....ever'.
'That doesn't answer the question 'why''?


When my son was 11 we together built his first proper 9kg hardtail. He rode it like he had been riding off road for 30 years. And he asked me about this bike. I told him the story of how I had got it, many many years ago, and it was made by a man called Keith, most likely in his garage in Santa Cruz. And how it changed the way people thought. And I showed him how it was very, very similar to a COTIC Soul. He made me promise not to sell it. So I did. But then the friend said 'how much is it worth'. And I said I had no idea. Perhaps you's not for sale, but I did wonder what it might be worth now.

It's a KB Racelite OR. Full XTR. Pace straight forks, not Bontrager ones. Pace were more rigid. Purple metal flake, almost black. 15inch frame. American choice bits otherwise - Easton bars, Avocet o2 saddle, IRC seat post, Control Tech stem. Mavic 231 on XTR. WTB and Ritchey rubber. Frame number is ....... 00020.

Basically as it came from California - a few tiny scratches here and there. A coupla digs out of the transfers, from branches dinging it on the South Downs. But I retired it shortly after I had a big 'off' - not on this bike I should add (that’s a whole other story) - and had a period of 'rest'. And it went to the back of the workshop and stayed there.

Any ideas?


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Re: it is in all it's gussetty loveliness.

they don't make 'em like this anymore.

...oh...they do actually....COTIC Souls. Good job we have two of them, then.

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