Bontrager Race Lite 1993/94


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I like the Salsa stem on there - and considered using one on mine. You can't change your mind now - as you sold your old on to me and it's staying on my Bonty :)
Which also proves - not everyone has that stem on their Bonty :)

Grips - just summat without a big logo. I got some Porcipaws for mine.
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Looks great, but then I would say that 😂
If the grips you are using are longnecks (can't quite tell) then you probably won't get on with attacks either, they have the same mushroom pattern. Ritchey WCS are quite comfy and look in keeping. 👍


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Yeah, Attacks would be nice. I know plenty of people run them and love them, and they always look good.

I'm a big fan of the classic Ritchey WCS hexagonal foam grips myself. Cheap, comfy, classic. And easily replaceable.