Bontrager Privateer Comp 1998, Now Single Speed!


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Hi all!

I´ve been lurking here awhile and thought that I´d post my bike :D
It´s the penultimate year Privateers were made, and alas, the last of the Bontrager bikes.

I bought it new and it´s a great bike on the trail. I don´t really know how much it´s downgraded from the "Race" frame but I´ve always found it a sweet ride.
At the time I also got a hold of the teamjersey which of course is rasta as well. Used it last evening when trailriding a bit :twisted:

Now I´ve got a hold of a frame that´s gonna be built up during the winter as I don´t have loads of stuff like a lot of you on the forum, but that´s another story to be told ;)

Here´s the facts:

Frame: Privateer Large
Fork: RS Judy XC (Stock)
Headset: Chris King A-head Rasta
Stem: Syncros Hinged
Handlebar: Carbon Riserbar (noname)
Grips: Bontrager Race
Barends: N/A

Brakes: Avid Arch Supreme
Brake Pads: Avid Rim Wrangler
Brake Cables: Avid
Cantilever cable hangers: …
Brake Levers: Avid Speed Dial 1.9L (Stock)

Shifters: N/A
Front Derailleur: N/A
Rear Derailleur: N/A
Derailleur Cables: N/A
Cog: Chris King 16T
Chain: Shimano HG-53
Cranks: Dura Ace FC-7410
Crank Bolts: …
Chainrings: Dura Ace 39T
Chainring bolts: …
Bottom Bracket: UN91 113 mm
Pedals: Time Atac (Stock)

Hub Skewers: -/Back XTR
Rims: Front Bontrager Valiant Ceramic/Back Mavic X-517
Hubs: Front Bontrager Race Lite 24 Hole/Back XTR 32 Hole
Nipples: Front Wheel Smith/Back DT
Spokes: Front Wheel Smith/Back DT Revolution & Competition (I´m a bit heavy so…)
Tyres: Front Bontrager Revolt ST/Back Bontrager Revolt Super X
Tubes: …

Saddle: Bontrager Selle San Marco Gel Ti
Seatpost: Syncros
Seatpost Binder: Bontrager (Stock)
Bottlecage: Elite Ciussi Inox

Weight: Have no clue, but pretty lite :)



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Here are the pix, as they wouldn´t go in the first post.





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Nice ride. Let's see that Trek also.

I had a gray 970 which came stock with some 3D purple stufff. Give it to my cousin some time ago...kind of miss it now.


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Thanx octsoc :)

Well, maybe I´ll take a few pics. I don´t really ride it much even though it´s a nice bike. The 970 has an even lighter frame iirc.


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very nice. love the colours and the look of that.

I too had a Trek 970, and miss it quite a bit. I think the 930 did have a slightly heavier frame - true temper OXII rather than OXIII or something - and IIRC was a lovely satin light greenish blue.


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Thanx all :D
Yes it is original in color and all else except some bits.
I really dig it and it rides great. And it looks good with the team jersey of the same colorscheme.

I´ve now gotten a Race Lite frame that will come to life over the winter.
As I don´t have a lot of extra stuff I´ll have to buy it. It´ll be pretty expensive :evil:
Jan :twisted: