Bontrager OR


Retro Guru
A buddy who works in another shop once texted me a couple of photos of a Bontrager that he had in for repair. I half jokingly said that I'd buy it if it came up for sale. A few months did! Buddy acted as the go-between and I picked it up for the princely sum of $120CAD. I lusted after these BITD, and did buy a Bontrager Comp fork for a stupid amount of money circa 1991....

The bike is in surprisingly original condition. I had to fab some new rear brake posts and the original brakes are missing. As are the rear derailleur and tires. Typically I had everything I needed to complete it but sold my stuff just before I picked this up :roll:
The paint isn't amazing, or it has amazing patina! I'm not sure any more :LOL:
Anyway, I thought I'd post a pic up as there doesn't seem to be many of these OG bikes around. One day I'll do something with it! I'll slowly look out for parts at least and then decide whether to repaint with new decals or keep with the original look.