Wanted Blumels vintage black or red mudguards (26 x 1 1/4")


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I need a pair of old Bluemels (Popular, Clubman etc) for my 1930's restoration. Red or black and in good condition please, but stays not essential. Don't have to be 30's vintage as long as they'll look the part. For 26 x 1 1/4" wheels. Many thanks for looking!



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Just had a look - I've got a couple of pairs of each but unless they only made one radius (?), I'm pretty sure mine are all for 27s, sorry.


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Actually, if you have apair of nice red ones I'm prepared to give them a go - no comeback to you of course if no good. I have an old Viking in the queue with 27 wheels so they could be right for that. Is it possible to see a picture please?

And importantly - how much, posted?

Many thanks for getting back to me.


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Here we go, pics attached.
Nice condition, albeit a small crease in the rear guard near the bridge, and a tear to the mud flap. £30 + postage (should be £5 with Hermes or £9 with parcel force I think...)20210908_165642.jpg


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