Bike shop auction in Lincolnshire


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A proper Aladdin's cave, plenty of meh but some great stuff, and probably some buried treasure in amongst the mixed lots.


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I saw this and wondered if there would be much retro in there. It’s an area I’ve lived close to as a yoof and to be honest don’t remember the shop from back then possibly it was more road stuff so didn’t interest a teenage bmx/mtber. In Grantham the shop to go to was Cyclesport UK on London Road (long closed), several floors of goodness, seem to remember top level BMX right at the top of the building.

I still don’t live too far from this and was thinking inner tubes and workshop spares if they are the right price would be worth going over and collecting. When you look at some of the lots there is lots of value in them though looks like entry level in terms of the boxed Shimano stuff, good honest bike repair shop stuff. The tools/drawers etc while there’s a bit of the hoarder/hunter-gatherer that makes me want to have a bid, the rational side says how much stuff do I need!


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I'd love the Mavic rims, but not enough to go through the hassle. It doesn't look like there's that much retro gold, but who knows what might be tucked away in some of the boxes?


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The bradbury frame stand is nice in lot 110......couple of vintage cranks on the wall behind, assume there'd be a few mixed vintage spares in all those boxes, but probably properly vintage (like the Tiumph, Curzon & Robin Hood 30's/40's? bikes), then all looks more modern, low rent stuff and doesn't seem like theres a lot there from 70's,80's 90's...but maybe theres things tucked away.

TBH, its a messy auction...a ton of the lots are a weird mix of stuff, looks like its being done in a rush...which is a shame.

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 16.46.04.png


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A 1994 Blood Red Steel Stumpjumper, without the original forks or stem, but mostly orig other parts albeit in varying states of repair


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Feels like a few of those bikes may be customers bikes that never got collected.
Red Stumpjumper caught my eye too.
Some of the lots really are a lucky dip though, if it were local I'd be tempted to go along.