BoTM Bike of The Month November 2023 - "Rider Special" now taking entries

Bike of The Month
I give you all HuskyyDinoBomber’s 1990 Klein Rascal

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This is my trail bike, it really rips and even let me know how novice I am as a trail rider. No worrie, once they sewed my eyebrow back on the modelling gigs started to roll in again🤣
Nice bike. Simple but effective. I'm also surprised you didn't damage your glasses. You need to get some Rain-X on the lenses!
Oh what the hell, why not.
It won't win any prizes but it's probably my favorite bike to ride on.
Walk the dog in the Amsterdam Forest with and really anything as a daily driver.
Don't really have spiffy photo's but it's whot I got.

Spankyfarts' 1995 Indian Fire Trail
No buildlog as all bikes I started a buildlog for turned out to all have cracked frames.
Mix of WI, XTR, Titec, WTB and XT.
Azonic shorty with a 12 pound weighing Surly Sunrise.
Almost sounds like a Haiku. :cool:


oldave's 1993 Kona Lava Dome. "Just a bike."
Done 1,750 (35%) of my 4,542 miles YTD. Amuses me that combined bike and rider age a mathematically neat 105 years!View attachment 796105View attachment 796106
Impressive statistic !, I can claim only 100 years of existence for myself and the first bike I bought with my own cash, I am also not going to comment on which has withstood the test of time the better :)

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