BoTM Bike of The Month July 2021 - nominations thread

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Will probably do a special for August but just a regular month again for July. Hopefully everyone is getting a bit of decent weather now and bringing out their prized vintage bikes - so why not take a couple of pics and show them off here :)

Useful for the poll if you can structure your nomination as follows:

username's Year Manufacturer Model , e.g. John's 1990 Kona Lavadome
Image(s) MAXIMUM OF 2
Finally please include a link to your machine in the relevant Reader's Bikes section. If you don't have an existing post now is the time to add one with as much detail as you like!
Link to all the rules

Nominations thread will run for the entire month. Entries submitted after July 31st will not be counted. The poll will go up shortly after the nominations close and will run for a week.


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@raidan73 Any chance of a heads up regarding August’s theme?


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There is always a first time - here is one of my favourite riders, mcada's 1991 Steve Potts Cross-Country-Racer black-white Edition1991-StevePotts-CCR-BW-shootout-DSCF7297.jpg

No build thread, but lots here (incl former versions)


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It was mentioned in my build thread that this hadn't been entered into BOTM......and daveyla's Pace was mentioned as the reason why.
Well. Truth that Pace and build thread so kept my powder dry for another month.

Here's my entry for this month. Build #3 this year! ....I'm getting quicker than the 6yrs + it took to do my Pace RC100S

boy"O"boy's 1990 Klein Attitude Dolomite

build thread here->

And pics.. .




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Think it should be banned for lack of build thread✋👨‍✈️.Forever.Nothing to do with the fact that I've already entered and that's the best place for a set of sunset rims I've ever seen.Never would have thought of that.Perfect combo.Sunset,sea,sky.Even the words work.Aaargh!😤
Absolutely love it,and I don't really go for metallic paints,metallic green being one of my most disliked.But I love that🤷‍♂️.
Going away now to see if any other tastes have changed.Now where did I store that Black Lace album?🤔🎶 🤜🍍 🌴👋
Awesome Tom!👌