Bike bells - what does everyone actually use ?


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So as much as it pains me, living and riding in London and the Home County’s means 14 million people are generally in the way on most rides and whilst I sometimes get away with just changing gear (the only time I’m glad I had gripshift as it’s so noisy 😂) or skidding the back wheel a little, it isn’t always enough to alert wandering grannies stood idle in the middle of the path staring at some budgy in a tree, so I’ve concluded I need bells on all the retro bikes.

but ideally something invisible or something tiny that blends in to the bars as best as possible. Some reasonable options on eBay but I really just need some sort of micro bell or a tiny ring thing.

any suggestions for subtle tiny things that work ? what does everyone actually use ? …pics please ?

if I was true to my retro childhood, I had the actual chrome squeeze hooter thing on my first bmx 🤣 but no that’s not going on any of these now
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In fact I’m tempted to make something from a ‘lock on grip’ ring, maybe it would work with something screwed under the bolt 🤔


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I read some reviews on the Knog Oi bells, that those Q bells in the 2nd post are ripping off, and they seem to be on the quiet side.

This video shows them best IMO. Skip to 3:00 for the test.

EDIT : I seem to be having trouble viewing the video on here, but maybe that's just my browser acting up. Here's a link.


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A polite "on your (insert side of choice)" tends to work, although I have been told a few times I should get a bell, I find bells somewhat annoying and rather often ignored by the wandering masses, especially when they are staring at a phone.