''Avenir'' Diamondback?

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Hi everyone

I'm looking to buy a diamondback axis or apex, not sure what it exactly is, to make a nice city comuter of it. Reading in this forum, I had the impression there could be somthing wrong with frames that say ''Avenir equiped''. Is it true?

The only thing useable on it are the rims, the frame, deraillers/shifters and the cranks. How much should I pay for it?

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gm1230126":3y44hqpt said:
Avenir was the private label line of parts and components distributed by Diamnod Backs importer/distributor Western States Imports (WSI).

Yup, Avenir made saddles, bars, grips etc.

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Yup, Avenir made saddles, bars, grips etc.


Correction Avenir made nothing. WSI just picked some of the nicer parts available in Taiwan and put the Avenir name on them. i don't think WSI had one part or accessory design they could call their own that they put the Avenir label on.


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I once had a Diamondback Apex back in the early '90, they had some of the worst paint jobs ever. I remember it had avenir equipped written on the top tube near the seatpost clamp but I never had a problem with the frame (nice and sturdy). If the one your looking at is old, I'd probably think it to be in the 75-125 quid price range.