Anyone scored a bike repair voucher?

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Just popped on the site to get this

Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme
Thank you for your interest in the Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme. There are no vouchers available right now. Vouchers are being released gradually to reflect the capacity of the bike repairers signed up to the scheme. More vouchers will be made available as soon as possible.

So they released late last night and before 9am they are gone. That's either good because people are using the scheme or bollocks because it's not working.


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On the timing front it wasn't well thought out was it? My LBSs yes multiple ones are stacked out at the moment, after years of just getting by. They are very aware that this will probably be short lived. They are struggling to get parts never mind bikes. My regular go to for bits bike store even asked if I was free to help.
Then the arguments start on who should use them...everybody? Just those who don't ride at the moment to encourage them? Will that bike that's been rusting in the shed (or garden!) for 10 years be revived for £50? I think we all know those rusty bikes and the time it takes to get them working.

I go with nice idea, just bad timing.



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Whilst a great idea in principle, it does seem VERY poorly thought through. My stepson's bike needs a new chainring - which would qualify on the "drivetrain components" condition as equally as the bike in the river above (not sure £50 would cover the total cost of making it roadworthy) or if, say, my Tom Board had missing brake blocks (at £30 a set). Which of the owners is overweight?

As Janners implies, why "gift" this to the bike industry now? You'd have thought that dealing with obesity should start with diagnosing obesity. This is a bunch of tax payers' money going to those with the fastest internet connections that happened to be up and poised at 11:45:00.01 last night. I don't think I deserve £100 (remember, 2 per household folks) to deal with my slightly extended waistline but if I am as eligible as the next person, why not?

(I missed out, btw)


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Should have been provided to anyone on benefits, they are the ones needing to ride.
The current sectioning of cities is to encourage people without cars to go and ride to work. Which are the majority in the city and they have a right to safe efficient transportation. After that it is to persuade car owners to ride instead.

So aim it at the people that don't mind a new set of generic cables, blocks and a fixed tyre and service.
not the people that have bought the bikes from Halfords on a bike to work scheme OR can already afford to get a bike fixed if they wanted.

BUT it's cheaper to do it this way, as there is little administration and effort needed.

It's as if whoever is in charge of these (this week) are not talking to eacht other to coordinate things.

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I was poised at 23:45...couldn't get the page to load :roll: kept trying for about 30-40mins but never got anywhere.
Tried again at about 06:45 and got the message that the page was down, please try again later :roll:
Tried again at about 11am and got the message that they've all gone :roll:
My preferred LBS is signed up, so they would have got my business - which they will anyway.

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Just a bit of typical Govt. PR to make the public think that they are 'doing something' about obesity without having the nouse or interest to check if the bike industry (or the internet!) can cope.


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This thread seems to suggest taking advantage of the scheme :? when you dont need to and maybe think about using it not in the sense it was created :?