Anybody owned / ride a Reynolds 731 OS frame?


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Just acquired a Mercian Pro Lugless Time trial frame with this unusal tubing. A Mercian Pro lugless has been something of a holy grail for me since I first saw one in the flesh back in 2002, but to acquire it in a TT frame (something I was missing from the fleet) it was like winning Bingo night. Shame its in my least favorite colour - yellow, but its a bit tatty and needs a respray.

I've owned a frame made of 753, I have certainly seen 708, we have 725 still being made by reynolds, but 731 OS seemed to have lived a short life. Introduced in 1992 but was phased out in 1998/99 due to the mass aluminium boom at the time is what i read.

I've shone a torch down the seat tube and it has spirals. Looking in the BB shell, these 4 ribs look like a four leaf clover at the tube end. Strange, interesting tubeset, weighs 1792g on my kitchen scales... just wonder how it rides?


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I have a Rixon built 731 OS frame set up as a single speed. I have never given it full beans to the level of my other Reynolds framesets but it certainly feels responsive. When I have the time I will fit the spare 7800 group, give it a proper ride and report back - but don't hold your breath!


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You weren’t holding your breath were you?
Well, thanks to a new location and a bit of time on my hands I can follow-up the previous post in this thread.
It’s good news. Built up as described the Rixon 731OS is a fabulous bike. Light, responsive and a dream on hills where the extra stiffness of the oversized tubes can really be felt. I absolutely love riding it on the hilly roads round here and much as I enjoy my other steel frames they are going to feel a bit bandy after this one.