Animal 042 Future Series Titanium Edition


Orange 🍊 Fan
Digging around and found my old watch from about 2000, which I bought from a surf shop in Southampton. At the time I was a graduate in my first job and seem to remember spending quite a bit of my first pay packet on it - but have no recollection of how much. I seem to remember it being a decent amount, maybe £150-£300 ish but that was 22 years ago...

The back says Animal 042 Future Series Titanium Edition - and there is a very small number "18" engraved on it that looks like it isn't part of the original case marking, but looks "official". I've seen others with proper scripted limited edition details - but they had a plastic strap, and this one is matching Titanium.

Thought I'd share it, and wondered if it was worth anything. Not looking to sell as it's quite sentimental, but would be interesting to know.