alpinestars cro-mega lx seatpost size


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Long time no speak, I won't bore you with the details but I'm hopefully in a better place now (or at least working towards it). Anyway I decided to do a retro based series as part of my mind over matter project (instead of just posting about my training progress towards my fundraiser I'm using every ride as an opportunity to post something inspirational to help me and others in my situation and am setting up a 'retros and ruins' segment as part of it.

Anyway I managed to pick up an old 1991 (I think-its the orange and white) alpinestars cro-mega lx as always dreamed of owning an e-stay and all is well apart from the seatpost being cut down. I need to find another seatpost but does anyone know what size it should be?

Thanking you in advance.

marc two tone

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Best year for cro mega, not just me saying that.

1992 was chunky.

1991 DX version below. My old boyk.


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Thanks Marc. I've just read so much conflicting information on the web, anywhere between 29.4 and 30.0 so didn't want to risk getting the wrong one. I'll try the 29.4 and hopefully that will do the job.

Thank you.