All gone now. Thank you

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Some items no longer needed.

Nitto dynamic 11 stem 22.2 quill for26mm bars.90 degrees with 120mm reach.Very tidy £29.00 posted

Stronglight chainset. 52/42/32 with 170mm cranks.All threads and tapers good.Recently buffed up as I was going to use it on a build that is now not going to happen so nice and shiny. Vey light. Teeth are all good. Rings for these can usually be found on e bay £39.00 posted

Tubular wheels ( sprints ) Mavic hubs with Wolber profil 20 rims. 28/28 butted stainless spokes.Qrs not original and circlips missing on rear axle cups however you cannot loose them when qrs are on.I wore the anodising off the brake track less than a couple of hundred miles ago so really just run in. Old glue cleaned off.These are a very sound set of wheels its just I have no use for them.Looking for £50.00 PLUS carriage.( expect around £15.00 looking at e bay postal costs )

Carradice saddle bag clamp.For use when you dont have bag loops on a saddle. Unlike the cyclo type these are heavy duty. if you need to carry a heavy loaded bag this is the one you need£10.00 posted

This came with a bike I bought years ago.Its a small canvas seat pouch with a dunlop repair kit(probably now defunct ) but nice old tin . There is also a raleigh care for your cycle booklet.33 pages of everything from simplex gear adjustment to perry coaster hubs £12.00 posted


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Re: only chainset left.Now price reduced

Does the chainset take a normal crank extractor or one of the weird French size ones?

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I would say normal.I use the same extractor for this as I use on my tandem stronglight impact cranks and they are only a year old. I dont have a shimano set to try it on but it fits the truative I had on my dawes tandem. Thanks for the query

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Now had time to try it on shimano thanks to the chap next door and can confirm the same extractor does them all. Add to that british pedal threads and it is pretty much bog standard.If you wanted to change the rings you would have to source them from the likes of e bay but
there are still plenty about.Having said that it is priced accordingly. So a cheap chainset for ye old velocipede or for something you would rather not spend a lot of money on


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I’ll take the chainset if it’s still going? Have one with the same BCB but the crank threads are knackered- have you the cover things also? Will need posting I think, pm’s etc :)