Age the Alan:


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OK road chaps, this covered a lot of miles. I retrieved it from the loft and have given the poor old thing a quick polish. The thing that struck me after so many years is how narrow the tubes are. Even compared to my 'new' bike which has 853 tubes. It makes that look like a Canondale!

Does the Alan frame number tell you the year? Here are some pics to help:


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That is very nice.
Must be a little bit older than the one we have here (see bonded thread)as yours has horizontal drop outs. I also see yours has external cable routing on the top bar, something which was later changed to internal.
I think Alan frames are one of the most underated framesets, they look superb despite being at least nearly 20 years old.


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Thanks for the kind words. I have decided on a budget restoration. I have the brakes that came with it, Dia Compes I think. Do we think mid eighties? There is a sticker at the base of the seat tube that says:

"Campione Del Monco"

1974 1975 1976 1979

The sticker consists of coloured bands which are (from the top)

Blue Red Black Yellow Green.

There is also a Suntour Superbe Pro sticker. The rims were originally (when I got it), Olympic Montreals. I still have them somewhere I changed them because they were tubs. There is a number stamped into the top of the seat tube which says N380.

So, will I need to find some exposed cable brake levers?

Thanks again.

Old Ned

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Oooohhh, I'm jealous - that's lovely. Fancy having that in your loft and keeping quiet about it for so long!

As it has a sticker with at least 1979 and a frame number with an 80 in it I would go for a 1980 model which would probably fit with the cable routing. Concealed cable brake levers weren't around then so if you want it correct for the year then some exposed cable ones will be needed along with Cinelli 1A stem and matching bars. The chainset and front changer look to be OK but not sure about the brake stirrups (no dual pivots then), rear mech and shifter levers. Saddle and pin probably OK.

It'll be great when its done. Alan's should hold together better than Vitus as they were 'screwed' and glued together rather then just glued.


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Decided to stick with this thread. Following the replies to my brake lever thread, I have had an epic up the loft with some success. The lever wa hiding amongst my extensive Primus stove collection (and you thought YOU were weird!) and the callipers were in various other boxes. What's with that Shimano 500 one? Have no idea where it came from.
I think the brakes and levers may have been on it when I got it. I fitted 'modern' aero levers and dual pivots as slowing from a max of 60 mph on the Welsh mountains seemed more important at the time!


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Now then, what you have there are a very nice pair of New Gran Compe 400 brakes (ref NGC400) with NGC200 levers. I must say the lever rubbers look in great condition. I would fit these without hesitation, forget Campag!

I'm not sure when 'New' Gran Compe appeared first but they are in the 1984 Ron Kitching catalogue and are not shown as 'NEW!' so '80/82 would seem to be a possibility and would fit with the age of the frame.

In 1984 they were priced at £42.51 a complete pair.

Do you have the Suntour gears etc.?

PS Edit - it will be Campione del MonDo - World Champion - which means someone won a world championship of some sort each of those years, most likely Cyclo-Cross. The colours are those of the 'rainbow' bands on the champions jersey.


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Ta Ned. Can people have a look at Brakes#1 and tell me if any parts are missing from the callipers? I know the obvious such as blocks, centre nut on one and cable clamp, but it's where the cable outers stop on the tension slackener thingy. The bit where it says GC.
Thanks again everyone. The harder I think back, the more I think it was the black Weinmans that were on it.


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Dating the Alan

I believe there is a number on the seat tube which corresponds to the month and year of manufacture. It usually is "alanmyy" so it would appear your bike corresponds to a 1980. This makes sense with the conventional dropouts, as way back, I had a 1979 with the same dropouts and now have an 83 with vertical dropouts. Good luck with your resto.