A Pilgrimage to Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Museum of Bicycling


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My understanding is the GG bridge is covered in fog more often than not!

Next time, rent bikes and take the other bridge up to Fairfax instead!

Surely your boy is the perfect excuse to come back and try it all over again?
Actually one of my best mates from college emigrated from Sheffield to SF so I’ve got an excuse to go back & yes, take the lad.


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(Somehow I forgot to take more photos of this bike! o_O)

So here's this thing:


First person to replicate that tooled leather, guitar strap-looking mudguard thing wins... Um, a high five? A hug?

A slow, cricket-style round of applause?

It's amazing.

Okay, more tomorrow...


mk one

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Some great photos, looking forward to seeing more.

And its a portage strap, though it does look a bit like a leather guitar strap i got for a birthday once.


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What a great story......would love to go there one day, be interested at what they sell....must be the odd bit of MTB history occasionally.

Sure everyone has seen these but if not worth a watch:

With Mr.Joe Breeze....such a cool chap....he should be a millionaire but is abviously just not that kind of person:

Pretty badly done video but still interesting, especially later on with really vintage bikes they have...like the 1890's FULL SUSPENSION shaft drive Pierce and another from the 1890s in FULL cast aluminuim.....just bonkers...absolutely beautiful engineering....130 years ago...makes you wonder.

And part 2 of the Crested Butte to Aspen film....total Klunker porn if thats what you're into...they all look like they are having such an amazing time, would have been wonderful to be part of that scene back then....part one is also great.



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Wow, glad this thread got reanimated.

Reminds me I still have to post all the other bikes!

This week, promise.


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What a great story......would love to go there one day, be interested at what they sell....must be the odd bit of MTB history occasionally.

They do a swap meet a couple of times a year, I believe.

I missed the last one.

I won't miss the next.

(Famous last words!)

But yeah, Joe sells donated, unwanted (historically speaking) bikes out front (he also posts them on Craigslist pretty often), and they get donations all of the time, which they often sell bits from in order to keep the lights on over there.

It's an excellent establishment run by total legends and friendly volunteers.

What's not to love?