Wanted A 26 inch rear rim brake wheel to roughly suit my 14.5 inch 96 Zaskar


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As title, i'm struggling to find a replacement rear wheel for my Zaskar build, after breaking my Hope titanium hub...

Something roughly of that 1996 age range, not too fussed on colours as chances are this wheel will be temporary, 26 inch mavic rim preferred, rim brake, and hub something like Shimano XT M737 or similar, currently running a 9 speed cassette.

cash waiting thanks


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Oh now that is a sorry sight, would you be interested in selling your hope for spares? I have a ti-glide with a snapped skewer stuck in the axle and another that needs a freehub.

Are you looking for complete wheels or a new hub?

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Hi there, yes this hub can go for spares.

Ideally i'm looking for a rear wheel, XT or hope or similar with a nice Mavic rim, M7 would be a bonus.