95 rockshox judy xc question


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Is it possible to retrofit a type 3 spring assembly to this fork. I bought a pair with a knackered mcu stack and wondered if the type 3 kit would fit correctly instead of sourcing a n mcu replacement. Any help appreciated

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Hi mate.

I would take the stack out, look down tube to make sure its all out. then, side by side compare with new parts for height and the way they interface with top bung/adjuster and very bottom mcu. For me it's the very top and bottom mcu or bushing that is critical. The rest is subject to alteration providing the mcu's are sperated by the flat washers or bushings. The bushings prevent the stack from buckling under load.

From here you may be able to cobble something together that works, may have to be trial and error, it can be done, just be careful.

If existing elastomers resemble squashed tomatoes....then look up the length of them here......http://www.suspensionforkparts.net/rock ... anuals.php

Indy seems to be there.

Eventually, when you have a stack to offer up, make sure stantions are fully up and drop it in. As you wind in the bung/adjuster/valvey thing....it is encouraging when the stack resist and you compress or 'pre-load' the stack, you are well on your way then, trial and error from there see how they feel.