For Sale 95 Marin Team frame, forks etc..


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1995 Marin Team Tange Ultralight triple butted frameset, includes..
- Marin rockstar 730g forks
- Ritchey headset - needs regrease and I’d replace bearings
- Marin lite stem - 1993/4 model I think..
- bottom bracket - feels smooth
Pretty reasonable condition as you can see in the photos, but it has been used and does have wear to be expected on 26yr old kit, although minimal chainsuck which is nice! The only dent I can see is pretty small - apx 4mm across by 0.8mm deep (according to my callipers) on the drive side seat-stay, the eagle eyed will spot on the first photo, the seat stay looks straight to me and being so tiny is (in my opinion) unlikely to have affected the structural integrity of the frame.. if it had rack mounts I’d definitely be keeping it - nice and light and rides lovely.
£120 posted

Decal says Fuji tubing but catalogue says Tange ultralight triple butted cro-mo.. either way it’s very light for steel!

Marin titanium railed saddle, £29 sold on eBay
Marin lite steel railed saddle, £9 sold on eBay
1993 Marin Team Marin complete bike,
It’s all pretty much original, even down to the Marin lite tyres (not cracked at all!), except the wheels have been swapped for period correct Deore LX on Sun Levanter rims.
£350 posted. Sold for £310
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Keen on the Ti saddle, if in good condition. Can you pls flip me a pic or two when you have a minute?

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Hey Baj,

Would you be a good un and tell me the first 2 or 3 digits of the 93 team.just part of an on going study.


I've had a 95 17.5 before the one I have now and felt fine for me at 6ft 2 in. Nice machines.


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Marin mad on here these days, isn't it?

Curious to see photos, as it sounds like a couple of people are about to be starting some nice builds!
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