'94 Marin owners!Assistance needed!


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I sent my last 'Race Proven' seat tube decal to Ian at dnfive graphics for his files.He's done a cracking job of reproducing it.He's picked out some details on mine that I never noticed,regarding the way the decal has been stretched to make it oval.Mine below;
The 'G' looks a little crooked,the spacing of 'RACE' seems a little uneven,the 'C' seems to be set at quite a different angle.Possibly a few letters seem slightly off.And the oval border round the outside seems to have a different profile to the oval that the letters are following.
I don't have any doubt that mines genuine.Possibly a slight misprint,some of the others I have have been printed slightly offset.Or maybe t's just that the quality of printing/attention to detail wasn't so great for these,compared to nowadays.
Would really help to see some comparisons with known,genuine,original decals to make sure,I'm sure there are plenty out there!
Ian has produced this;
Both are 38mm (near as dammit) x 45mm.He's straightened out the double-oval issue,does look neater in my opinion.Blue looks slightly lighter but only because it's on white backing,it's actually a perfect colour match.The bear on my original is a slightly darker/slightly more sparkly gold.Subtle difference in the style of the 'R's.Bear outline slightly different.
He's had a lot of these sent to him over time,all claiming to be original,all slightly different.Some round,some oval,some gold bear,some yellow.It's more than possible there's variation if Marin are as flexible with decals as they are with frame numbers/models/years 😂.Side by side;
Mounted here,may help with comparisons.As I used one strip of sellotape around the centre of each,the backing paper has lifted at the edges and distorted the shape a little;
So,how do these fair against the rest of the population?Feel free to jump in with versions from other models.Maybe there's highly collectable misprint with a trail of bear turd on California,or with a huge set of golden knackers on?
If I have no luck here I'm calling these guys;
Thanks in advance!😁👍
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