94 Kona Kilauea


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I was hoping not to sell, but looks like I might have too.

Had a bit of money spent on it and would prefer not to split, but I'd imagine it will be worth more in parts?

Or what might it be worth as a whole?

Frame powder coated last year
Pace rc36 pro class (could do with service)
Full XT m739
Apart from cranks (m737)
Mavic 221 on m737 hubs
Charge splashback tyres
Hope seatpost and stem



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mk one

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Might get upto the £400-£500 mark on a good day, im not sure you would get that much more in parts if you add it up.


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If it was original paint and decals I would imagi e it would be £350 tops, i only got £400 on ebay for my original 18 inch 95 explosif


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Cheers peeps.

Yeah I'd noticed a few explosifs around at reasonable prices. That's what was throwing me on the prices.

Thing is there's always something cheaper around.

I'd like not to split, but if needs must maybe I'll list the parts on here... Its never easy pricing things though