94 Kona HOT 18"


Rocky Mountain Fan
Ok final update (I think)-

a few other problems I've had to overcome- the bar shim a sourced showed up to be not the right one, I don't know what happened there... So I made my own from a 1" steerer, a saw, a file, and a blue Sharpie = SOLVED. - I don't know if I mentioned if my "Dog Collar" was broken, but it was, cracked at the 12 o'clcock. And since you're reading this thread, you'll know these are IMPOSSIBLE to find (anyone have one in 31.8?). I thought I had sourced something I could make work... and it does... but not really. Whatever works for now until I can find a proper replacement.

I was also lucky to have had a buddy from across the country find me a Ti Syncros post in the right size. So I had to have that.

Ok so the build sheet-

Frame- ~1994 Kona HOT (TET 1522) in blue?
Fork- Kona Project Two 11/8 threaded - Colour matched to the frame
Stem- 94 Velocity stem
Crank- Raceface turbines (black)
Wheels- Mavic 217 in gold
Bars- Kona? Ti
Seatpost- Syncros Ti 27.0
Seat- Kona Race light Ti
Brakes- Onza H.O
Brake Levers- Kona
Tires- Michelin WildGrippers (black/black)
Hubs/RD/FD/Shifters- Shinamo XT m739


Rocky Mountain Fan
ok I lied last time about it being the final update-

My wife and I rode to a coffee shop for coffee and waffles this morning, I took the Hot, she took her Vertex. This is really the first time taking this thing further than round the block, so I took some tools just in case, thankfully neither bike needed them! Success!

In hindsight, I probably should have put her's against the steel bike stand, I made sure the frame was safe (thankfully no wind here in this VERY windy city today).

I loved riding this bike so much that when we got home, I went back out. This is why I love this city...


On the way home it was finalized, this is the favourite of my current stable. and I'm going to be riding this one a lot.