92 Zaskar LE Tech Shop Build


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Time to rip into this! I may swap this out for a Scott Pederson SE U brake eventually.
Tech lites trial fitted & tie in nicely with the red & black frame decals. 😎DSC_3160.JPGDSC_3163.JPG
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Woooooooofffff at that crankset!


And the Dakar's look lovely. From the seller on here? Good pickup if so.

Not convinced on the tire choice yet, but I've been wrong before, so looking forward to seeing it all together!

Nice work!


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I know exactly what you mean! I've never been a huge fan myself but I do like things a bit more unusual so I thought I'd give them a try and I do love the Maxxis graphic on the side wall. They have grown on me but I'll be posting pics and asking opinions on different choices later.
Yes the Dakar's are the ones off the seller on here, very happy with them, in fact most of this build has been sourced from the forum 👍