91 Rocky Mountain "Glacier" / Blizzard


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IMG_1559.jpegI recently picked up this Rocky Mountain Glacier. I'm told it's a 91- not a whole lot of information regarding the "Glacier" other than, it's a rebadged Blizzard for the euro market, but I'm not sure one way or the other. The paint scheme is a little different than other 91 blizzard's, and the SN appears to be I91010500 which seems different than other references to RMB SN's. This bike is a little odd with these curious bits but aslo I'm in Southern Alberta Canada, which makes a Euro Glacier odd around here.

Please disregard the stupid seat- the original one is torn, and needs to be repaired. oh and the pedals, I have the XT's, I just much prefer platforms. IMG_1559.jpegIMG_1560.jpegIMG_1561.jpegIMG_1564.jpegIMG_1558.jpeg