90's Daccordi Griffe: Record, Delta, Galli


Devout Dirtbag
For Sale: Fabulous Daccordi Griffe - 7/10 condition (paint scrapes and small dink to downtube).

Wonderful 'aero' lugs on head tube, classic 'claw-like' lug on seat lug ('claw' translating as 'griffe', hence the name). Beautiful pantography on the bottom bracket.

Have owned this for about 5 years, and loved every minute riding it. Great handling, very responsive and extremely comfortable.


Tubing: Colombus SLX
Size: 59cm
Colour: Plum, with chrome rear triangle and forks
Headset: Record
F mech: Record
Calipers: Record Delta
Brifers: Record (carbon)
Seat Post: Record
Chainset: Record
R Mech: Chorus (I have now acquired the correct Record version)
Saddle: Rolls
Bars: 3ttt ergopower
Stem: 3ttt
Pedals: Look Keo
Wheelset: Galli rims on Record hubs

Can send loads more pictures.


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Dirt Disciple

Funny, I've recently acquired a Griffe, went out this morning for it's first 'proper' spin.
Have to say, I've got a few 80s/90s road bikes and it's right up there, handles well and for steel it's pretty stiff. Has to be built up with record!
What's the number cast into the bottom bracket shell on the drive side?
Looks like (if you trust in web ;)), there were only 500 made, mine's A322.


Devout Dirtbag

Hi Oldspoke

Thanks for the message.

Yes - ‘apparently’ 500 - I have read this too, but I couldn’t confirm for certain. Either way, I rarely come across them in person, but there’s a descent number of images on the web of others.

This one is numbered A160. It also has ‘World Champion ‘94’ as a top tube decal - I haven’t seen any other Griffe’s with that...

Anyway - really lovely bikes.


Dirt Disciple

I've not seen that 94 decal before either, suggests it's quite a late one, but if the frame numbers are sequential it's earlier than mine.
I've got all the paperwork for mine and it was bought in 1990.
Still, top class bike and got to be worth £950 of anybodies money. :)