89/90 Orange Clockwork

clockwork davo

Orange 🍊 Fan
The hunt and wait is over finally got my hands on the “all orange” clockwork, it’s circa 90 with a random spec full LX group with Mavic headset and RS1’s, original owner spent his pennies on suspension over high end group 🤔🤔 it’s certainly needs some TLC, but can’t wait to dig in, it’s gonna be build as a period race bike with my favourite period mods
Watch this space 👍🏻👍🏻🍊4608A6FF-9FC7-4474-9B38-96C530290CCE.jpeg35BF0DB7-D4B7-46BC-8062-6B24A9B4A2F6.jpeg

Already stripped and had a quick polish...mocked up with the RC30’s i have planned for it but.....

the forks off my other 90 clockwork fade are a perfect colour match !! 🤔
stay tuned for build update, RS1‘as will be up for grabs shorty as well 😉