753 SBDU Grass track bike


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I bought myself a “new” bike a few weeks back. I was going to wait for it to arrive so I can take some better pictures but I’m inpatient and it’s stuck in customs.

753, 53.5 grass track frame factory drilled for a front brake. Sent back to the SBDU factory to get resprayed. Owned by Ken Cowdell who won 5 British track titles on it.

I’ve been looking for an SBDU track frame for years and it’s even better I can ride this (need to get a SR brake set).

Frame: Reynolds 753

Fork: Reynolds 753
Headset: Campagnolo super record strada
Crankset: Campagnolo super record pista 165mm
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo super record titanium pista
Chain: Regina Titanium
Pedals: Campagnolo super record titanium pista
Campagnolo toeclips
Cinelli Binda straps

Handlebars: Cinelli criterium 65-40
Stem: Cinelli 2A 110mm
Saddle: Assos
Seatpost: Campagnolo sr 26.8mm
Rims: Mavic 28H GP4 /
Hubs: Campagnolo sr 28H
Tubulars: Clement grifo


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I'm really not into fixed wheels, but that's beautiful! I've a real soft spot for SBDU bikes.

Old Ned

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I've probably seen Ken riding that! Ken was the original owner of Kendell Cycles in Castleford before Gary Proud took it over. Ken was often at the local cafes a year or two back when I was getting out regularly.


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A few pictures at work. Still on the hunt for some brake levers and a front brake. Every bearing is buttery smooth.


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