'70s Colnago

Repack Rider

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50 years ago I had a 1971 Colnago. My uncle, who is 15 years older, figured that if I had one, they must be nice bikes, so he bought one a few years later. Then he put a book rack and clincher tires on it.

In 1979 he was also the first customer for Gary Fisher and me, in our company called "MountainBikes."

He traded his original MountainBike back to Tom Ritchey for a P-21 about 25 years ago. The original is now displayed in a restaurant owned by Tom and former MTB World Champion Thomas Frischknecht.

Now 91, my uncle has quit riding the road and only rides his Ritchey, so he asked me if I wanted the Colnago. Mine died 20 years ago when the frame broke, so I added it to my collection. Here it is.