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I have an 1992 Orange Clockwork that I have owned from new, it has the 3/7 speed XC Pro MD groupset, all original. I have been riding it a lot in lockdown and the chain now jumps to the point that is almost unrideable. The cassette, chainrings, jockey wheels and chain are all heavily worn.

I don't want to spend hundreds on NOS and cassettes seem none-existent or am a precious about keeping it original, I just want a bike that I can enjoy long "gravel" type rides on and bike packing that will not let me down.

Any suggestions as to options I have very much appreciated.

One idea i've had - Seen MonkeyShred's video on converting to 1/10 which seems a reasonable approach, would it be possible to fit a Shimano freehub on Suntour Hub and go down that route?


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Suntour and Big S. freehubs don't mate with each other-as they use totally different spline systems on the hub itself.

Any 7 or 8-speed Suntour Powershift/MD cassette would be OK as spacing is the same, you just take one cog out to make it 7-speed. An UK fella on ebay was advertising 8 sp. old Suntour cassettes for cheap since very long time, worth a try. I also got a NOS 7-sp. cassette, if you are interested, drop me a PM.


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The biggest challenge you have with any option is the freehub. Unless you change the rear wheel, you are stuck with finding a suntour cassette as the spline pattern and fitting is different to anything else I'm afraid.

Rings you'll find easily enough, you don't need suitor, just ones that match the chainset spider bcd.

Going 1x10 you'll need to change the shifters, rear mech and rear hub/wheel, and find a narrow wide ring in the bcd of the chainset.

You should be able to find a suntoyr cassette easily enough, I had a load until recently. Some sellers on ebay seem to think they are worth a lot, some don't. The easiest option would be to replace cassette, rings and chain.