26" Tan/Amber Wall Tires?

So... I've been going quietly mad for weeks searching the 'bay for tan/skin walls, so thanks for this thread which is remarkably useful. I bought the Curio tyres earlier, they're on my Marin Bolinas Ridge pictured in BoM Aug '23. They are heavy but the grip is excellent for all applications. I also bought the cruiser style semi-slicks from them too and it's a really good on-road/gravel tyre though the sidewalls cracked badly while hung in the garage for a year. As I mainly do tracks out in the Cairngorms all year, I need full nobbly/high traction tyres so I've been hunting without much luck. I have a single Duro Vantage, was a pair until one sidewall went into a bulge. I think they are an ideal tyre for a retrobike but they have evaporated... for me, Tan/skin wall is the ONLY tyre which looks right on a older bike so I'll keep hunting.. IF I track anything down value/good I'll post on here..
There are others Europe side that have them too.
Smokes fine, never liked darts on the front.....2x smokes is better imho.

They are not the fastest rolling, but are a good all rounder.

Tbh..if your buying blackwalls and want something cheap and easy and retro pattern, why not try panaracer xc fire in black.
Then neither is for you.....the best I've had experience with for speed is rocket rons, but they are not the most puncture resistant in their lightweight form.

You can't have it all ways!

I mean to ride...
I'm not an expert, and YMMV, but I have I have Super Yummy's on my 93 Zaskar LE and on my 91Team Avalanche, I really like them. Good grip on gravel and fast rolling on tarmac, which is where the majority of my riding is done. I have Smoke and Dart Combos on other bikes which I also like, but I find them not to be as fast as the Super Yummy's and a bit more noise on the road...but when I ride in muddy or off-road, I'll chose a bike with these Panaracers on over the Super Yummys...
I'm currently running Gravel King SK, which are good on the road, loose gravel and a bit of light mud.. looking at the pics of the Sim Works and wondering if I'd even be much better off with those?