26" mtb wheel, 130mm spacing wanted.


Devout Dirtbag
Just thought I'd ask if anyone has a spare 26" wheel with 130mm OLN for my 92 Raleigh Yukon; I think the freehub body mechanism is knackered on my bike. Alternatively has anyone got a spare 7 speed shimano cassette freehub body they could sell or swap with other parts I have.

Components appear to be Shimano GS200

Thanks in advance


Retro Guru
If the above doesn't work out then I've a spare freehub body taken off a 7 speed shimano hub so would be compatible with yours. For a hyperglide cassette.


Devout Dirtbag

Thank you

That would be great, I'm interested in buying the freehub off you.
I'm going to take the wheel into my lbs tomorrow for a further diagnosis and as soon as I know more I'll get back to you regardless in a few days time if that's ok.

How much would you want for it?