20mm tubs


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Anybody know if it is still possible to buy 20mm road tubs? Preferably tanwall... I realise I'm swimming against the tide of ever wider tyres (or at best treading water), but I want to use my CX18 wheels again (which are, unsurprisingly, 18mm). I used to use 18s on them, of course, but I'd be happy to compromise at 20 now, as I'm not intending to go for any more PBs.


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Dunno about 20s, but FWIW I've been running 24mm Paves on Wolber Profil 18s for years with no ill effects.


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I haven’t seen them that narrow, not off-the-peg anyway. I think the narrowest tubs I’ve seen in the usual online shops are Tufo which come in 21mm. Clement and other more traditional handmade sprint manufacturers might still make narrow ones but you might have to go direct to get them. You won’t find them in the likes of Wiggle, CRC, SJS etc.


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