2002 Cannondale CAAD 5 F1000 “Full Wood”


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So I’m new to this site and have some questions to ask. I recently purchased a 2002 cannondale f1000 woody. The bike is all original and in amazing condition overall. The one thing that I would like to fix would be the original decals, does anyone know where I might be able to get them or who might be able to reproduce them?
I’m debating whether to keep it original or to maybe change it up a bit, make it lighter change it to an 11 or 12 speed if possible, any help would be appreciate thanks again Dave.


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You can always check around on that one website that starts with E and ends with bay. Decals turn up there. Everyone here uses gil_m to get reproductions. You can @gil_m somehow on this site to contact him (I'm not great with tech stuff). You can also go to his website http://www.thecycleshed.co.uk/frontdoor.html, or find him on Facebook under retrodecals, or email sales@retrodecals.co.uk

I also found this link, while searching for gil_m, http://www.velocals.com/servlet/the-Roc ... Categories .

To me, keeping a bike original vs. buying new parts comes down to aesthetics and feel. If the old parts work and you like the way they look and feel then use it as is until something breaks or wears out. I think most people around here would advise you to keep everything as it is in this instance, since, as you say, it's original and in amazing condition. To break that up by getting some new parts would be slightly against the ethos of this site (not to put words in anyone's mouth). That said, if the parts were not original and/or in shite condition, then most folks on here would say - do what you want with it. Going period correct but lighter can get expensive. If you think you'd use the bike more or for some reason have more fun on it ("feel") with new parts, and you like the look of new parts on old bikes, then go ahead and switch out the old stuff. Just know, you might run into fitment issues with new parts and an old bike frame (you can update a lot, though).

Good luck!


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Thank you for the info, I’ll definitely check that site out. For now I’m going to give it a really good cleaning and tuneup and see how it goes. If I were to ever change anything I would definitely keep what ever I took off.