For Sale 2001 Marzocchi Junior T


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Fork is in what I'd consider quite good condition especially for its age. Stanchions are perfect where the lowers slide, there are three cable/hose rub marks between the crowns but obviously due to their location they do not affect the forks operation or seals integrity. I've showed them on the pictures.

Travel is listed as 150mm, but as I discovered during service the lower crown is from an earlier BAM model with the bolt-on crown and it would not quite clear the M-arch at full compression. This collision had never actually happened, however I ain't one to take any chances remote as they may be, so travel has been reduced to 145mm and the lower crown moved as high as it can go on the stanchions - the possibility for crown/arch collision has thusly been canceled forever, just don't move the lower crown down even a bit.

Upper crown has some tool markings, but still quite shiny.
Lower crown shiny as well for the most part.
Legs clean and shiny, magnesium M-arch has some visible scratches tho.

Fork has fresh 5wt oil in it but even something that thin provides pretty good rebound and compression. I can replace it with 10wt oil, or make some 7.5 like the factory had, but I honestly think either will slow the fork too much. But if you insist... Seals are intact and do not leak. Not sure if they're original to the fork or not, but they do work properly.

Ovetall it's a lovely fork and I hate to get rid of it, but it ended up being a bit too tall for the my frame plus I'm trying to fund my "get new brakes for all my bikes" project. I'm thinking 130 is a pretty fair price for something like this. Delivery will be via ParcelForce so it actually gets to you on time and in one piece 🤣 Shipping is included in the asking price, or if you're somewhere in the Durham-Darlington area I could also deliver it to you in person. Payment via bank transfer preferred, or cash if in person delivery is arranged. Thanks!


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I would do, but shipping to/from GB is a real mess (thanks to the BreXit) and because of the big marks I believe this is only a spare parts fork and too expensive.


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Aight, help me understand how it would be just a spare parts fork when the hydraulics work properly, the stanchions are flawless where it matters, and it's basically ready to install and run with zero issues expected? Plus if I were to put it on evilbay it would be literally the cheapest buy-it-now dual-crown Marzocchi in the UK currently. Do the cable rub spots between the crowns affect the value the much? What would you think a more appropriate price will be?


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You asked, I answered honestly. Don't feel offended.
Buyers don't like big marks and so do I. I have 5 Jr. T's and all look better. I like to buy a fork, rebuild it using my seals and sell it. With all this details about shipping and marks it is questionable.


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It's cool man I ain't offended, just asked for an explanation where I'm wrong 👍

100% agreed on the shipping and such too, I ain't eating like a £30 charge to Europe and it becomes unreasonable for ya'll over in the EU to pay it either given there are better deals to be had locally, especially in the case of someone running a business such as yourself.