1999 Santa Cruz Super 8: rescue job! - back from paint


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It was a fair amount of work and a lot of mess but it still worked out well, I believe it’s hung up in a bike shop/cafe in Poole now! Still have a few of the other from you!
Hi, I’ve just pulled my 98 out of a barn and getting my head round what to do with it. Can I ask where you got your decals?


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I got mine from an eBay seller in Portugal, all I can say is they’re the wrong size and the wrong colour so I’m not going to recommend!

In update news, the build has started. Sees to be two steps forwards, one step back at the moment, however.

I fitted the original headset, then remembered I had binned the bearing races because they were trashed. I
it had a standard size upper race but an oversize lower that I can’t seem to find a replacement for, so for now, it has a new FSA headset for the sake of being able to build. I’m also not toooo fussed about it being all period correct.

I then discovered that when removing the WEDGED pivot bolt, I had damaged the thread on one side. So that had to come out to re-tap (I hope I can re tap - it’s 12.75mm diameter and a 2mm pitch. Will an M12 with 1.75mm pitch tap work? Watch this space).

Of course not having that fitted means work had to stop on the drivetrain - but that will give me time to properly clean the MRP device.

Anyway, a couple of ropey pics:

Abbey tools really are tremendous (I borrowed this from a friend)


The orange bar is from my parts bin (virtually brand new but looked awful on my Yeti!). I had thought it would be a good match with the forks but eehhhhhhh I’m not sure. Maybe black would be a smarter choice (and narrower). thoughts welcomed!


I love this part of the bike:



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Update - a week of applying penetrating oil and then deploying a large hammer got the pivot bolt out. I sanded the inside of the hole and, re-tapped the threads I had mangled and finally was able to start rebuilding.

The bar / grip combo is a bit of a gamble. the idea is that the orange ties in with the fork decals and MRP rollers.

I’ve got Hope Mono6 for the front and looking for a Mono4 for the rear, but I don’t have the correct mounts to fit the front so I‘ll either stick the XT ones that were already on the bike on there, or I’ll go old school and use the Hayes set that I took off my ATX. I must admit, I’d be more inclined to trust the contemporary Shimano units (although this will see very little use).

A friend kindly donated a 9pm XTR rear mech which to replace the trashed SLX one that was on it. I need to decide on cable outer - I’m thinking white, blue or red.

Interestingly, when I was inspecting cable routing, I spotted that while there are three lugs just ahead of the front shock mount, where are no ‘receiving’ lugs further down the downtube, so I can only presume somebody has ground them off previously. My painter told me there were about 8 layers of paint so it has definitely had a life before me.

I also washed the wheels today and picked up a couple of tubes for them so I’ll probably test fit those tomorrow. To be honest there are quite a few areas where I actually want to then strip the bike back down again to really clean properly, but I’m enjoying the test-build.


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Yep, black or grey, to match the crowns, would look better. And some nice bikes/frames in the background too :cool:


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She’s inching ever closer to completion.

I've managed to acquire a unicorn saddle - NOS Tioga Multi Control in red / blue and am Waiting for it to arrive.

Need to shorten the brake hoses and switch the rear disc for a matching one (I have the disc, but there are rounded disc bolts to deal with). Annoyingly, the lower cable mounts have been removed sometime in its life so there needs to be a whole out of cable ties securing the cables, which is a pet peeve but oh well.

The only real issue I have at the moment - I can’t for the life of me decide what pedals to go for. DMR V8 / V12 we’re de-regieur at the time, but I’m not a huge fan of them. I’m a,so really struggling to decide on colour - black / white / red / blue / orange…

It’s as heavy as it looks. 20kg without pedals or chain..!

I’ve also learned that the forks are ex-GT Asia factory team with ‘special’ internals. I haven’t taken them apart to find out what that means, but they need new seals so It’ll happen in due course.

rear shock - sadly I’ve already taken a nick out of the paintwork where the reservoir catches the frame near full compression. I need a much heavier spring (currently it’s in 400lb) if I’m going to ride it in anger (I’m 85kg).

I love looking at it, though.
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That looks great!
As far as pedals go. How about some dmr vaults in orange to match the bars?
Just had a look, thanks, that’s a good shout.

Since posting I have been wondering about some red DX clipless, but I think platforms will be more fitting