1999 KONA Manomano


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Popped out the piece and it was oiled up nicely already.

a Raceface X-type BB fits fine although had to use 2 shims on each side to remove crank side-to-side play. 1 and 2 wasnt enough.

Using this Cambium C19 saddle. I've got a B17 and a C67 on other bikes and love them. Brooks products are first class all the way, IMO.



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Ive got XT M8000 brakes on my 2000 Kona Kula (same hose guides as yours) and the BH90 hose fits through the guides. Nice build looking forward to seeing it done :cool:


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This $28 tool from eBay worked well...

So this is how it sits today. Need to cut the steerer/reduce spacers, swap out flatter bars and a shorter stem, adust seat back and get a new olive for the rear brake line so I can disconnect it, snake it through the guides and then reconnect.

the fork has too much travel for this bike doesn't it :(



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Your headset tool is pretty fancy compared to my effort, a bunch of stacked washers tacked together with the welder on some threaded rod.

It looks stunning with all the black components on it. At least you didnt cut the steerer down before making the fork travel decision.
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