1999 KONA Manomano


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Picked up this NOS frame for a new build and its a treat

Couple of questions...

1. This frame has rear v-brake and disc options. Is the right hole for the hydraulic brake line? (it would make sense since it is on the same side as the caliper but not sure if the hose will squeeze in, it looks tight)

2. Anybody know if an external bottom bracket will fit? (looks like some tight clearance here too.) Not sure if external BB's were on the scene in '99 yet.



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NOS '99 Kona?! Wow! That's really cool.

I've a feeling some hydraulic hose was a smaller diameter back int day. I think Hope was 4mm prior to it being 5mm? Maybe?

External bb's weren't a think back then, no.
You might fit the newer style Shimano BB, which is a smaller outside diameter. I think it's the MT800... Yep, it is. Although I'm not sure you get the tool over it. You could always remove the chainstays, fit the BB and then re fit them.

What sort of build are you thinking? Modern parts?


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Wow, where did you turn that up? Amazing condition! I can confirm that the frame will take a standard shimano brake hose from a M765 brake. I'm running one on mine, and all it needed was the new olive once I'd threaded it through the frame.



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Looks like the hose is too big to squeeze in so options are A) lightly Dremel the slot wider, B) disconnect the line, slide it through and re-bleed, a la W. Ford method, C) use cable clamps or D) take some WTB Dual Duty wheels off another bike and run a V-Brake in back and a disc up front. Im thinking "B

In looking at another bike in the stable that has an X-Type Raceface BB I think it will clear. And Ive the open ended wrench for it. Fingers crossed.

As for the rest of the bike it is getting parts taken off a G-F Mullet build from a few years ago...

Manotou R Seven Pro works well. Wish it was black though - looks snazzy W. Ford!

Tektro Orion 4+2's. I like the feel of these

1x10 with a 32t up front, XT Deore derailleur/shifter, Sunrace 11-50 cassette, and DT Swiss e540 wheels/XT hubs

2.35 Panaracers (if they clear in rear)

Easton Havoc stem

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It's coming together nicely! I think it suits the beefier tyres, good to know that they will fit.


Question for you...

Have you ever removed the two main pivot bolts right behind the BB shell? Is there a trick to removing one and then the other?

I can remove the non-drive side bolt but then the drive side bolt just spins because there is nothing holding the bushing tight once the non drive side bolt is loose. I dont think anything is seized, it is just "holding torque" from the blue loctite causing this. Could apply some light heat with a heat gun to the area to deactivate the loctite but would rather not.
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Nice projects.

Regarding the crank suspension pivot just done one myself on a 2005 stinky not to hard to do the bearings you can hammer out with a socket and pushing new ones in i used the old bearing as a support to push against