1998 Specialized Ground Control FRS Pro


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Hi gang.

New member here from Melb Aust.

Main background, have been into MTB since 1989, so love my retro and have played with a few over the years. Started on an 89 Schwinn when in Canada, 91 Stumpy Comp (Xt thumb shifters yay!), 93 Marin Team...... now mostly on a 17 Ibis Ripley LS. My wife is riding a restomod 02 Yeta ARC which gets her ;lots of attention on the trails (frame was too small for me)!

So... thought I'd start this threat as i just bought a 1998 FSR Pro (was one of my dream bikes back in the day) and starting to think about what to do with it.... restore close to orig (challenging and costly) or mod to more current specs/geom. Have seen you guys do both ways and I love them all!

Photo is from the for sale add, as I forgot to take my own in my excited rush to start stripping it!!!


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Alrighy... first question(s)...

Bearing/bushes at either end of the shock linkage.

Have undone the 2x bolts on either side at each end. Linkage is out.

I see the nylon bushes and what seems like a solid bearing/rod that the bolts go in to, but nothing is moving.

I suspect its all seized up, as per the main pivot bearing (never smelt stinking old grease quite like it) and most other moving parts on the bike!!!

Q1... How do the bushes come out? I put a bolt back in and gave a very gentle tap, but nothing moved. Press it out somehow?

Q2... Talking all 4x linkage points... any advise on what surfaces to grease (assuming grease)? Was planning to use Slikoleum.


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I'd probably put a large socket over one side of the rod and squeeze it in a vice. New bushes are readily available and the rod will probably clean up fine. I suspect it's aluminium and corroded. We're supposed to use greases for low temperature applications rather than for vehicles which get hot but........is that why my bearings wear out???