1997 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - Dekerf Custom


Dirt Disciple
Here's a neat one I bought over a decade ago. It came up locally and I couldn't pass it up.
(It's possibly a 1998 model but I really can't tell - it's my newest rocky... I'm more of an early 90's guy)

In the early 2000's this frame was taken to Dekerf for a rear disc upgrade and repaint. The rear brake bosses were removed and new cable routing added too. All in all a very professional job.
The frame was never built up and I bought it. I was working at a LBS at the time so I assembled it immediately! I already had most of the parts but I did treat it to a new King headset.

It's only changed a bit over the years and sadly doesn't see allot of action.
The addition of disc brakes and a more modern suspension fork make for a very capable ride.

Marzocchi 2001 atom80 fork
Chris King headset
Race Face System
Azonic mid-rise handlebar
Oury grips
Avid Juicy 5 brakes
XT 8spd rapid fire shifter
XT mid-cage rear derailleur
XT 8spd cassette
Race Face Turbine cranks - Envy ring (Canadian)
Race Face Ti bb
XT pedal with Powergrips
DTSwiss rims on Shimano Deore hubs
Smoke / Dart tires
Syncros seatpost / various saddles


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Dirt Disciple


Dirt Disciple

One more pic for now - I need to find the detail shots of the disc tab... :)

Comments welcome :eek:


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Kona Fan
Very nice :cool:

I like how the fork adjusters and chainring bolts match.

Whats going on with the decals, or lack of?


Dirt Disciple
Aside from the head tube decal I haven't sorted out any others.
Actually, all of my bikes are running without most of their decals. I guess I like a clean, bare look.

I didn't pick this paint scheme, but I kinda like the classic look of the white panel. That's suppose to be where the brand decal goes... I was thinking about a hand written type of font, like the '93 Blizzards.


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